Wallowa County Weed Free Inspection Program

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There is a growing demand in North America for the use of certified noxious weed free forage and straw as a preventive program to limit the spread of noxious weeds. This voluntary inspection program is designed to assure that forage and straw...

About Wallowa County Hay Growers Association

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The Wallowa County Hay Growers Association was formed in March 2003. The primary purpose of the association is to promote the quality & availability of weed-free and premium forage products produced by local farmers.

Wallowa County Hay Growers Association Members

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List of Wallowa County Hay Growers committed to producing premium and certified hay and straw...


Wallowa County Area Information

Welcome to beautiful Wallowa County in Northeast Oregon

Wallowa County is everything that defines The American Spirit at its best.

Tucked away in the Northeast corner of Oregon are the small communities of Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise, Joseph, Imnaha, and Flora.
The county is located in the far northeast corner of Oregon, and it's bordered by the states of Washington and Idaho.
It is home to Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Wallowa Lake, and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.

Area: 3,152 sq miles (8,164 km²)
Founded: October 14, 1864
Population: 6,814 (2013)
County seat: Enterprise

Incorporated cities: Joseph, Enterprise, Wallowa, Lostine, Imnaha, Flora

Unincorporated cities: Bartlett, Eden, Evans, Flora, Fruita, Grouse, Lewis, Maxville, Minam, Paradise, Promise, Troy, Wallowa Lake, Zumwalt

Rivers: Wallowa River, Imnaha River, Grande Ronde, Wenaha River, Snake River.

Wallowa County Hay Growers Information and Resources

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